The Medicine of Prayer


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In Litefoot’s first book, The Medicine of Prayer he takes us on a journey though his life which has been guided by the power of prayer. For Litefoot, the “medicine of prayer” has been the source he has drawn from to overcome life’s challenges in order to find success and overcome obstacles. He issues a call to readers to seize the day and recognize that we all have the power to improve our lives. Litefoot uses examples from his own life to demonstrate how we can each begin living the life we were born to live. In the book he states, “…The medicine of prayer is what heals and gives strength to our spirits, so that we are able to accomplish anything in this world.”

Whether you are going through a difficult time or wish to soar to new heights of fulfillment, this book will provide bold new thinking, inspiring stories, and practical tools to help you move forward in faith and realize your dreams. The Medicine of Prayer is warmly touching, full of hope, inspirational and sure to speak to each reader in a deeply personal way.

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